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Hello, here is my submission for the Godot Wild Jam #2, my first "complete" Godot game: Recursive Quest

It is a challenging fast-paced shooter game, where you are exploring a space pyramid in quest for treasures.

The gameplay is simple: you control a spaceship (with the arrow keys / joystick) that always goes forward to the right of the screen. To turn, you don't turn your ship, you turn the pyramid using rotation zones. You can shoot (with 'W' or 'A' button) to destroy rocks, and drill (with 'X' or 'B' button) to pass through fragile walls. You have one treasure per level, and only 60 seconds. So the game can be a little challenging and stressful. At the end of a level, you are in front of a small pyramid replica and are magically shrunk to go explore inside, in a lower scale.

There are 4 levels. Try to get the all the treasures to get the happy end!

Most graphics and sounds are super basic and they were drawn and generated during the jam, using GIMP, Inkscape and Chiptone. For the code, I have only reused my virtual input from a precedent project for the Android export, everything else was done on the fly. I will open-source the game after the jam here: https://github.com/Srynetix/gwj2-recursive-quest

Have fun!

Install instructions

  • For desktop platforms, just unzip and launch, nothing else needed
  • For Android, install the APK on your device and launch. WARNING: The game is more difficult on Android due to joystick sensitivity. I may fix that after the jam.


Godot Wild Jam #2 - Recursive Quest - Android (armeabi-v7a) 19 MB
Godot Wild Jam #2 - Recursive Quest - MacOS 16 MB
Godot Wild Jam #2 - Recursive Quest - Windows (x64) 14 MB
Godot Wild Jam #2 - Recursive Quest - X11 (x86_64) 15 MB

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